"A complete coupling consists of coupling housing, nuts, bolts, and gasket. The coupling housing contains and compresses the gasket, which affects proper sealing of the joint. Sunseed gaskets are designed for a tight seal in high pressure industrial applications.

The Flush-fit gasket is recommended for vacuum services. The inner lip minimizes turbulence in high-velocity applications. This gasket is to be used in situations where the temperature will range from -30° F to 230° F (-34° C to 110° C). Suitable for hot or cold water, seawater and brine water, diluite acids, oil free and many chemical services, the Flush-fit gasket is also appropriate for potable water service.

Made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber the Flush-fit gasket has an excellent resistance to oxidation while being highly durable against heat. The Flush-fit gasket is available in different materials, for more information, please contact a SUNSEED customer care service.

The C-shaped gasket meets the following certifications

NSF approved



SUNSEED gaskets are not suitable for petroleum services."