The Model 76SG is designed for medium pressure reverse osmosis systems. The Model 76SG is supplied standard in 304 with 304 or 316 bolts and nuts.



3/4″to 8″(DN20 to DN200)

Rated working pressure:

600 psi (42 bar)  Sch. 40S, cut groove only"




Rubber Gaskets:

The gasket seals is C-shaped, made of standard gasket EPDM(ethylene propylene diene monomer) for cold water, hot water, rare acid, oil-free air and multiple chemical product (-50~150℃).It is not suitable for medium like petroleum.


Type 304 stainless steel track bolts and nuts to ASTM F-593     

Type 316 stainless track bolts and nuts to ASTM F593      

Type 316 stainless track bolts to ASTM A193 B-8M with silicone     

bronze heavy duty nuts to ASTM B98 C65100"